6 New Rules for Successful and Profitable Ecommerce Websites

Running an ecommerce store? Check out the newest rules you need to follow if you want to run successful and profitable ecommerce websites!

The ecommerce industry is evolving every day! People prefer to shop online as they enjoy the convenience to shop and purchase the products or services they need with just one click.

If you are running an ecommerce store you probably are aware of the competition. Even though the ecommerce industry is a successful place, it is pretty competitive as well. You need to keep up with the trends if you want to offer an impeccable shopping experience, drive traffic to your site, and maximize your revenues.

In this article, we are going to share the newest rules for running successful and profitable ecommerce websites:

  1. Tell me exactly where I am – When the visitor and your potential customer visits your ecommerce website he should know exactly where he is. The visitor should know what your business or brand is all about, what type of products you are selling, and etc.
  2. The more specifics the better – One of the most important rules you need to remember is the more specifics the better. If you can provide the user with a refinement option, you will automatically make the experience better.
  3. Tell me how much it costs and what exactly I am saving – The customer should know the exact price, so make sure there are no hidden costs at the end of the purchasing process as you will make the customer leave your website. You need to tell your buyer how much does a certain product cost and what exactly is he saving.
  4. Keep the search bar in easy reach – When a specific search has been made, don’t just show the results, but do like the search engines do and make sure the search bar is front and center.
  5. You can never have too many photos – You need to keep in mind that the visitor can’t try, feel or touch the products, so you need to present the products by using as many photos as possible. The photos convince the visitor to make the purchase and buy the product. Use high-quality and high-resolution photos only.
  6. Expose your delivery options – Online shoppers want to see the delivery options before they decide to purchase something so make sure to expose the delivery methods and make sure they are clear to your visitors and potential buyers.

By following these rules you will make your ecommerce website an even better place to shop!