4 unique ways of Improving
your E-commerce website usability

Here are the facts about e-commerce

Online shopping is taking shape across the globe. More and more stores are establishing e-commerce websites to enhance their customer base. Some brick and mortar stores are closing down while those still in operation are experiencing a drop in profits. What does this tell you? This change is signifying a future online market with high competitiveness.

Unlike in the physical market, the virtual marketplace offers equal chances to both large and small businesses. All that matters is your ability to customize your site in a way it enhances customer experience and usability.

With this information, you are confident that usability of your e-commerce is critical. However, the question is how do you enhance your usability? Well the first step is to create your website, there are different tools on the internet to do so, one of them is the free trial website of Shopify where you can start creating your virtual store. Here is the way forward:

a. Ease your site navigation

Your Website navigation happens in two ways. First, it means that your website is easier for visitors to browse and follow the information contained on your pages. Secondly, it means your site is easy to understand for search engines. To enhance the two aspects, it calls for the efficient structuring of your website content.

Make sure your visitors can easily obtain relevant information about the product and services you are offering on your site without any difficulty. Also, provide more options for a call to action by using several ‘calls to action' buttons with persuasive messages.  Accordingly, ensure your site is easier for search engine crawling. By doing this, you will not only improve your conversion rates but also you will enhance your search engine rank.

b.    Enhance your website photography

Since there is no room for one on one interaction between potential customers and the product on offer, your e-commerce photography is principal. Here it does not mean any other picture uploaded in your site. Rather, it is about your product images. The images must be of high-quality and attractive. Also, ensure that the customer can view all critical features in the product on offer through using 3D images.

Remember, the nature of your product images can be the determiner of whether to press the purchase button or to look for an alternative. As such, if you want to enhance your website usability and customer experience, you must invest your time and resources in product image development.

c.    Display your products in a way they entice your customers

Have you ever visited a store for shopping but you find unrelated items displayed in adjacent shelves? For instance, you find clothes placed next to grocery or cereals and pastry displayed next to shoes. If you are looking on to buy clothes and shoes, you have to move from one corner of the store to the other. How is the experience?

As a webpreneur running an e-commerce website, how you display your products on the pages matters a lot. To enhance the usability of your site, you must merchandise your products. This means arranging related products under the same category. For instance, you display shoes next to clothes and cosmetics adjacent to makeups.

d. Offer quality customer service

Whether you are running an online or a physical store, the customer is the king. Customers are the streams that initiate cash flow in your business. For this reason, quality customer service is not optional.

As an entrepreneur, you need to take it as a personal responsibility to help customers make sales on your site as well as solving any issue or challenge they may encounter in the process of purchasing goods. Putting in place 24/7 support system is critical if you are looking on to enhance your website usability. Remember, how you treat your customer determines whether they will come back or not.

And those are some of the ways you can apply to enhance your e-commerce website usability.

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